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Pet Grooming Services in Valparaiso, IN


Our Pet Grooming Services

Come meet our groomers, who we think are the best dog groomers in Valparaiso! If your dog is looking for a day of pampering, we can provide it. We have a full-service salon that provides everything, including baths, brush-outs, and full grooms.

Bring your pet into Arbor View Animal Hospital for a day of pampering and grooming. Grooming is an important aspect of keeping your pet healthy. Some pets can require grooming every 4-6 weeks to maintain a healthy coat and prevent matted fur. It’s important to introduce puppies to grooming when they’re young because they’re very receptive to new experiences early on. We have veterinarians on staff to examine your pet should the groomers find any problems (ex., ear infections, skin infections, fleas, etc.).

Our grooming appointments are available Monday through Friday. Grooming costs vary and are based on breed, size, coat condition, and behavior of your pet. Please call us to discuss. Our groomers can also provide you with an estimate for grooming cost on the day of your visit when they see your pet.

Arbor View Grooming Salon Menu

Full Service Bath (price is breed specific)- basic shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry, ear cleaning, brush-out and pedicure.

Full Service Groom (price is breed specific)- basic shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, ear cleaning, brushout, pedicure and customized haircut.

Puppy Works – Created to give a puppy positive first grooming experiences and to help your pup get comfortable with their coat care. This session includes a basic shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, ear cleaning, brush-out and pedicure. ($30)

• The Puppy works package can be upgraded to include minor face, feet and sanitary clean-up cut (Puppy works+ $10)

*Puppy Works is for any breed under 6 months of age and under 60lb. Haircuts, other than the Puppy Works Upgrade, are not included but can be quoted if desired (see groomer for more details)

A La Carte/ Spa Packages

*Pamper your special pup with any of these add on services

The Itchy Dog Package: An oatmeal shampoo will help sooth dry, sensitive, irritated skin and add moisture. The dead sea mud will be massaged into their skin and feet to add moisture and further soothe irritated skin. (0-25lbs $15, 25-50lbs $20, 50lbs and over $25+ cost of full-service groom or bath)

Nail Dremel: Our groomers will use a dremel to gently smooth and buff your dog’s nails ($12)

Shed-less Treatment: This involves a 5-step process using various brushing and bathing techniques to help reduce shedding and remove unwanted hair, including using a special FURminator de-shedding shampoo and conditioner. (Double Coat over 40 pounds $35.00, short hair or double coat less than 40 pounds $20.00 plus cost of groom)

De-Matting Treatment: A special de-matting shampoo and conditioner is used to make combing out matted, knotted fur easier on your pet. Please note not all matted fur can be combed out and the groomers may need to shave the matts out. The de-matting fee starts at $15.

Stinky Dog Treatment: If your pet had a run in with a skunk or other foul-smelling odor, we can help lessen the degree of that awful smell. We use a specially formulated shampoo to gently remove the oils on their coats that are causing the noxious odor. ($20 + cost of full-service groom or bath)

Cactus Aloe: Treat your pet to the amazing cactus flower and Yucca scent of this shampoo all while the aloe and silk extract help soften your pet’s coat. ($6)

Lavender Bath: Replace our basic shampoo with a special lavender shampoo that will have your pup smelling fantastic ($6)

Oatmeal Bath: Replace our basic shampoo with an oatmeal bath, and add moisture and luster to their coat. ($6)

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath: Enriched with vitamins and minerals from the Dead Sea, this restores, replenishes, and exfoliates your pets’ skin and enriches their coat. ( 0-25lbs $10, 25-50lbs $15, 50lbs and over $20)

Coat Color Enhancing Shampoo: Substitute our regular shampoo with a special color enhancing shampoo, which will bring out the underlying brilliance of your pets’ white or black coat. ($15)

Blueberry Facial: Treat your pet to a relaxing blueberry facial. This spa treatment will also help with  tear and saliva staining on your dog’s face. ($10)  

Nail Painting: Pretty your pet’s nails with a splash of color. ($6)


Grooming Services

  • Bath and Brush Out
  • Breed Specific Style/Cut

Included with grooming: Bathing, Brushing, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Ear Hair Plucking (if needed), Anal Gland Expression (external only)

Grooming Add-Ons

  • Furminator Treatment
  • Anal Gland Expression (internal- performed by a veterinary assistant or technician)
  • Dematting
  • Nail trim using a Dremel (provides a more smooth finish to nails)
  • Blue Berry Facial


Dogs must be current on their Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccines. Proof of vaccination is required and can be sent to or faxed to 219-763-9425. If you don’t have current vaccinations for your pet don’t worry. Our veterinarians can examine your pet and update their vaccines. An appointment must be scheduled and vaccines updated prior to grooming.

We want your fur baby to have a spa day while they are boarding with us. Ask us at boarding check-in how you can pamper your pooch while they vacation with us or schedule a spa session when you book your pet’s boarding reservation.

Be sure to follow our grooming Facebook page for updates and photos!

Caring medicine for all animals.

If you live in Valparaiso or the surrounding area and need a trusted veterinarian to care for your pets – look no further. Arbor View Hospital Team is a licensed IN veterinarian, treating all types of pets. Your pets’ health and wellbeing are very important to us, and we take every possible measure to give your animals the care they deserve.


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