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What Happens During My Pet’s Spay?

What Happens During My Pet’s Spay?

Although you know you should spay your female pet to prevent a host of medical and behavior issues, as well as unwanted puppies, you may not know what exactly happens during a spay surgery. Since World Spay Day—February 23—is approaching, let’s explain the procedure,...

Anesthetic Monitoring in Pets

Anesthetic Monitoring in Pets

How Monitoring Equipment Keeps Your Pet Safe During Anesthesia Our team at Arbor View Animal Hospital understands that many pet owners worry about putting their beloved companion under anesthesia, whether for an elective procedure, or life-saving surgery. However, our...

Cognitive Dysfunction in Pets

Cognitive Dysfunction in Pets

Doggy Dementia: Cognitive Dysfunction Signs in Pets As pets age, they can suffer from impaired mental function, similar to elderly people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Many of the signs associated with cognitive dysfunction in pets are chalked up to old age. However,...

How to Remove a Tick From Your Pet

How to Remove a Tick From Your Pet

If you find a tick on your pet, would you know what to do? Don't panic! We are Arbor View Animal Hospital want to share these seven steps to remove ticks correctly. Step 1: Put on gloves Ticks pose a threat not only to your pet's health but also your own, as they...

Establishing a Routine for Your Young Pet

Establishing a Routine for Your Young Pet

If you've recently brought home a new pet, now is the time to establish a routine for them. Setting the stage for your little furry friend with stability and consistency will provide lifelong benefits. Here are three things you should know about why routine is key for...

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