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KENNEL + Grooming Team



Kennel Manager
Amanda's Bio

Amanda joined the Arbor View Animal Hospital team in 2016.

Her favorite movie is the original Halloween from 1978, and she enjoys reading biographies.

Amanda has dogs at home who she loves spending time with. Her favorite food is pineapple and ham pizza.

Outside of work, Amanda’s hobbies include visiting haunted places.


Kennel Assistant
Tracy's Bio
Tracy began working at Arbor View in 2019. She loves the TV show the 100, her favorite movie is Burlesque, and her favorite food is tacos. In her free time, she enjoys photography.

At home, she has cats, reptiles, a dog, and a hamster.


Kennel Assistant
Mia's Bio

Mia started at Arbor View in 2021 and has had a love for animals since she was young.

Her favorite tv show is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and her favorite movie is Godzilla: King of the Monsters. She loves Mexican food.

Outside of work, Mia enjoys taking care of her pets. She has a tortoise, a turtle, two leopard geckos, a ball python, four tarantulas, three guinea pigs, three sugar gliders, a bearded dragon, and baby jumping spiders.


Kennel Assistant
Elyse's Bio
Elyse joined the Arbor View Animal Hospital team in 2021.

Her favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and her favorite TV show is The Witcher.

Elyse shares her home with a turtle and Pac Man frogs. Her favorite food is Italian food.

Outside of work, Elyse enjoys photographing nature and writing.


Kennel Assistant

Brianna's Bio
Brianna joined the Arbor View Animal Hospital team in 2021, but she has always had a love for animals.

Her favorite food is steak and potatoes, and her favorite TV shows are any crime shows.

Brianna shares her home with her dog, two cats, and a fish.

Outside of work, Brianna enjoys hiking, spending time outdoors, and hanging out with her pets.



Sara's Bio
Sara started at Arbor View in 2020. She’s been a groomer for 6 years!

Her favorite tv show is New Girl and favorite movie is the Planet of the Apes. She loves spicy food and her favorite dessert is cupcakes.

Outside of work, she enjoying painting and hanging with her dog, 2 cats, and fish.


Fender's Bio

Fender became a lovable member of Arbor View Animal Hospital in 2006. 

He loves to watch Garfield and thinks of him as a role model. Fender’s favorite books are anything he can pee on.

Fender likes to meow all day long and indulges in any fishy foods.


Pilgrim's Bio

Pilgrim has been a furry member of our team since 2007.

Pilgrim’s favorite movie is Puss in Boots, and his favorite book is Pete the Cat.

There is no food that Pilgrim won’t eat – which is why his humans have him on a diet. His favorite hobby, aside from eating, is searching for ladies.


Pickles' Bio

Pickles came into our lives in 2013.

Pickles absolutely loves Xena Princess Warrior and Warriors Into The Wild, which you might be able to tell by her personality.

Pickles enjoys all food, but especially human food. Her favorite hobby is trying to cheat on her diet.

Caring medicine for all animals.

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